Biological Effects of C 60 Fullerene Revealed with Bacterial Biosensor-Toxic or Rather Antioxidant?

Sergey Emelyantsev 1, Evgeniya Prazdnova 2, Vladimir Chistyakov 3, Igor Alperovich 4


Nanoparticles have been attracting growing interest for both their antioxidant and toxic effects. Their exact action on cells strongly depends on many factors, including experimental conditions, preparation, and solvents used, which have contributed to the confusion regarding their safety and possible health benefits. …The ability of C60 to penetrate through biological membranes, conduct protons, and interact with free radicals is likely responsible for its protective effect detected for E. coli. Thus, fullerene can be considered as a mitochondria-targeted antioxidant, worth further researching as a prospective component of novel medications.